Polish Courses In Berlin

The Polka Dot Language School offers introductory, intermediate, and advanced courses in the Polish language.


Polka Dot Language School prepared an original curriculum that constitutes the basis of every course. Our method highlights the specificities of the Polish language and influences each level of teaching. We work hard to offer you a friendly space for experimenting and casual conversation.
The course of study bases on modern teaching techniques and supporting materials. When deciding about your linguistic abilities, we follow the State Commission for the Certification of Proficiency in Polish as a Foreign Language (A1-C2).

Teaching Materials

Each of the courses derives from carefully chosen teaching materials provided for you by the Polka Dot Language School. The introductory courses use the excellent course book, „Polski. Krok po kroku” (eng. „Polish. Step By Step”), which provides you with an excellent online platform for self-education. There, every part has audio versions and supplementary exercises. A program supervises online activity and the developments of students.

Teaching Methods

Polka Dot Language School teaches Polish exclusively in Polish. We strongly advocate the integrated, conversational method. Thanks to this approach, we may guarantee you the possibility to experiment with the Polish language and to use it in natural everyday situations. We firmly believe that the method sensibilises our students not only to intercultural minutiae but also to the socio-cultural background.

School Founders

Polka Dot Language School was established in 2012 by Joanna Kulas and Mikołaj Golubiewski. Joanna Kulas studied at the University of Warsaw and Free University Berlin (Polish Philology and Culture Studies), currently a graduate student at the University of Cologne. Mikołaj Golubiewski studied at the University of Warsaw and Free University (Polish Philology and English Studies), currently finishing his doctoral dissertation in Comparative Literature and not teaching. Both trained teaching Polish as a foreign language in Cologne and Cieszyn prepared by the University of Silesia.

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